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Product details of Value Bundle Offer - neutrophil Hand Sanitiser & Disinfection Solutions 5 liter+100ml x 4

  • neutrophil – Alcohol-Free, pH neutral, Non-toxic & Rinse-Free HOCl disinfection solutions. (Gentle on skin yet 99.9999% effective against germs, virus and bacteria) Inspired by our body's immune system, neutrophil is formulated to harness the power of HOCl by mimicking the natural response of the human immune system in eliminating germs, virus and pathogens. neutrophil is accredited lab-tested & certified to kill 99.9999% of germs, viruses, bacteria under BS EN 1040 : 2005 “Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of basic bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics”

Brief Introduction

neutrophil HOCl sanitizer is inspired by the principle of how HOCl (a natural occurring chemical of human body) works within our human immune system. Based on which neutrophil HOCl sanitiser is produced, a stable pH range solution which is effective in eliminating germs, virus and pathogens of upto 99.9999% effective rate, and yet it isnon-toxic, alcohol-free and safe for use to disinfect human skin (including children) and skin wounds.

What is HOCl - Hypochlorous Acid ?

Hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by our white blood cells as a natural response by our immune system to fight infection and eliminate invading pathogens yet being inherently harmless to our human cells.

When artificially synthesised using Electro-chemical Activation (ECA) Technology and specialized equipment, electrolysed HOCI provides a strong oxidising effect that kills pathogens such as bacteria, germs, viruses, spores and fungi.

HOCl is one of the most natural and effective oxdising agents. It eradicates bacteria, germs, viruses, spores, fungi – even the hospital super bug MRSA - Methicilin Resistant Staphylococus Aureus.

HOCl is known to be 80 to 100 times more effective than bleach and yet it is 100% safe to use on humans.

HOCI is a product naturally occurring within our white blood cells, as such it does not sting or irritate our skin tissue, instead it works just like part of our immune response to skin injury and tissue recovery. The healing process at the wound site can be quicklyobserved.

What is neutrophil made of?

neutrophil solution is manufactured under a proprietary process using ultra clean water and 99.99% pure salts resulting in a high purity HOCl solution that is stable.

With the unique process of manufacturing, neutrophil solution does not require any industrial chemical additives to stabilize or preserve the product stability. The solution does not contain any silver ions, iodine ions or any heavy metallic ions. Most importantly, neutrophil solution is 100% alcohol-free, non-toxic, solvent-free and gentle on human skin.

Quality Assurance

neutrophil solution guarantees optimal disinfection property when used in accordance to specification for the various neutrophil product range.

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