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MonkeyLink bottle lost or broken? No problem – get a replacement Monkey Bottle!

The MonkeyLink Monkey Bottle combines a magnetic bottle holder with a mechanical latch. So the drinking bottle is securely attached to the frame, even on rough rides.

Still the Monkey Bottle can be easily removed from the bottle holder with just the twist of the wrist. And thanks to the minimalist design, the Monkey Bottle is also perfect for small and tight frame geometries, such as those often found on full-suspension mountain bikes.

• Bicycle drinking bottle including bottle connector for the magnetic MonkeyLink frame bracket
• Easy to remove from the side with a light turn
• Perfect for small frames and inconvenient frame geometries
• Wide opening for easy filling and cleaning
• Screw-on cap, push/pull valve and high liquid flow
• BPA-free, food-safe and suitable for washing machines up to 60°C

Technical details:
• Material: polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), thermoplastic rubber (bottle/lid), fibre-reinforced plastic, neodymium (magnetic holder)
• Volume: 600 ml (large), 450 ml (small)
• Dimensions approx.: 70 mm x 86 mm x 166 mm (450 ml), 72 mm x 81 mm x 219 mm (600 ml)
• Weight (incl. holder): 114 g (450 ml), 132 g (600 ml)

In the box:
• 1 MonkeyLink replacement Monkey Bottle incl. bottle connector

The drinking bottle is intended exclusively for filling with non-carbonated liquids up to 40 °C.

Optionally available, compatible mounts at ROSE:
• FIDLOCK TWIST bike base bottle cage frame bracket (product code: 2269833)
• FIDLOCK TWIST uni base bottle cage frame bracket (product code: 2269841)

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