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The Desist II brake kit includes the Kink Desist II brakes with Kool-Stop Supra 2 brake pads, Kink Restrain II brake lever, Kink Linear brake cable, and a Kink velcro cable tie. This kit includes everything you need for a full brake setup.

The updated Kink Desist II brakes are forged and CNC machined for superior stiffness. The unique cable pivot design and straddle cable system create a smoother and more powerful pull. Updated cable pivots are locked on with c-clips and the new oversized bushings keep the coil springs centered for maximum tire clearance. This brake set also includes legendary Kool-Stop pads for plenty of stopping power. All necessary hardware for front, rear, or dual cable gyro installations comes included.

The Restrain II lever refines the original design resulting in an even cleaner look and adding more functionality. It is constructed from a fully forged aluminum lever, body, and bracket to maximize strength and stiffness. It features a low profile, finger friendly design as well as an ergonomically designed lever for added comfort in both 1 finger and 2 finger positions. Over-sized hinge joints and pins increase strength and prevent cracks or breaks from over-tightening. The new barrel adjuster adds adjustability and compatibility for any brake setup, both straight cable or gyro. A unique hidden cable slot design means this lever looks great whether it’s installed for front or rear brakes.

The Kink Linear brake cable features an outer linear strand housing, which greatly decreases bind when the cable twists during tricks. The inner 1.5mm cable is ground smooth to create an even smoother, drag-free pull. Aluminum ferrules prevent housing failure at both ends, and can easily be refitted after cable trimming.

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